It is important to deal with the nest not just an individual bee flying by.

Paper wasps, yellow jackets, carpenter bees and bumblebees are common species in our area. Yellow jackets are the most common type that we deal with on a regular basis. Nests are usually inside of something and not exposed. Carpenter bees are as big as bumble bees but choose to drill holes in wood to lay their eggs. They can do a significant amount of damage if left untreated. Bees and wasps will sting, not bite, when they or their nests are threatened. Some people are allergic to the venom and will suffer anaphylactic shock.

Bees in a nest

Control Measures

Control has to involve treating the nest with a residual insecticide. Removal of the nest is optional.

The Advantage Difference

We understand that bees are hazardous and provide a great risk to kids and adults with allergies. We treat all bee service calls on an emergency basis and make every attempt to rid the structure from any bee activity.

The vast majority of our bee service calls have been treated for under $150.00. Treatments can be part of our residential service plan or purchased per visit.