There is only one species in our area, the Eastern Subterranean Termite.

Termites form colonies in the soil all around us and stay underground most of the time. They feed on anything containing cellulose like trees, houses, fences or sheetrock. Since they need to maintain contact with the soil, damage to houses is usually more visible in the lower levels. In the spring the colony makes reproductive termites whose function is to leave the colony in a swarm to try and mate and get back underground. These “swarmers” are small, black and have wings and most resemble flying ants. During the swarm the termites break off their wings to try and mate. Termite workers, on the other hand, are small, pale colored and without wings.


Control Measures

There are two basic styles of treatment; liquid chemical or baiting. The first more traditional way involves applying a liquid chemical around the perimeter of the house. This idea has not changed in decades, what has changed is the kinds of chemicals that are available to use. The second style of treatment is a baiting system. The basic idea of this very “green” method is to lure the termites to plastic stations installed around the perimeter of the home. When feeding is established a material is added to the station to eliminate the termite colony. There are many variables with each system.

We combine our knowledge of construction and termite biology so we can offer the right options for treatment to fit any situation and budget. We feature Termidor termiticide as our exclusive liquid chemical and the Exterra termite baiting system. Whichever method you choose you can rest assured that the treatment will be backed with a great guarantee.