The key to solving your wildlife issue is to determine what is getting in and how they are getting into your structure.  We will inspect the roofline or crawl space to determine where the access areas are.  We can take pictures of the areas and show you exactly what is going on.  Once we know what we are dealing with we can provide several options to deal with the problem.


We use a variety of methods such as large cages to insure that the animal does not get injured.  We use foods and baits, we know will attract the animal into the cage safely. We can remove animals from your attic, such as squirrels or a mother raccoon with a litter of babies. We also deal with nuisance wildlife such as pigeons, skunks and bats. And we can take care of lawn-destroying animals such as gophers or moles.


We are a full-service pest control company – we trap or remove the animals from your property, clean up and sanitize, repair the areas of the building where it was damaged, and install blockers, if necessary, to prevent the animals from coming back into your home or business in the same way.

It’s your house – don’t let them take over!